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TaskNAV (freeware)  v4.2.582

TaskNAV Flight Planning & GNSS IGC analysis software is available free to all glider pilots.  However, please note that while the freeware edition can be used for any country where TaskNAV mapping exists (see the 'free MAPS ' page), the TN author is retired and has time only to maintain waypoint and airspace updates for the UK edition.


Get free TaskNAV software, install notes and related downloads here:

1.   To install TaskNAV 'Freeware' - from scratch:
download and install, in this order:    files (a), (b) and (c) below. 

And, if you are using Vista, Win7 or Win8, you must set the Windows compatibility option as described in the Install Notes PDF doc in item (d).

(a)     TaskNAV 2011 CD-edition-v4-2-200-Setup.exe                               
This is the TaskNAV base ~140MB.

(b)     TaskNAV-TN2011-Freeware-v4-2-582-mini-patch-Setup.exe     
This update includes the Freeware patch

(c)     TN-UK-Waypoints-and-Airspace-26July13-Setup.exe                    
Current UK Waypoints and SUA update
(d)     TaskNAV 2011 Freeware - Install Notes.pdf                                      
Please follow the instructions!

2.   To update an existing functioning TaskNAV installation
, which must be at least version TN2008:
Apply the current '' and Waypoints update files in (b) and (c) above, as required.

3.   To try the optional 3D IGC file viewer
(courtesy Dr Hannes Krueger, Innsbruck): 
After installing the OpenGL_IGCexplorer, and when TN is running, the 3D viewer can be invoked from the TN Map window by click on the TaskNAV '3D' icon.  You'll definitely need to read the instructions in the built-in TaskNAV Help/User Guide to understand the various 3D viewer options and settings.

         openGL IGCexplorer  v1.9y   20 January 2011  (EU + Hawaii, E.Australia and NZ terrain)    
program + maps

         3D openGL_IGCexplorer User Manual.pdf                                                                                         
 user manual

4.   EW model D - Task Export notes      (optional)

       TaskNAV - EW-D Task Export Notes Edition 3.pdf

5.   Other downloads      (optional)
Maps (September 2012):
Morocco, Italy and Japan - maps updated.    Bug fix:  makes map files compatible with TN Freeware. 
If required, download the individual country map-install files from the
Free Maps page.

Any questions or problems, please contact:   

Browser Notes: 
Web publishing.. the TN web pages are published using 'Microsoft Expression Web v4'. It works OK on most (all?) versions of Internet Explorer, but, for reasons unknown, there may be a loss of correct text colours, fonts and format on some pages when displayed in other browsers such as Opera or FireFox. 
This is not an area where the TN author has anything other than basic web publishing experience.  Any and all offers of web site development advice, expertise, help, etc, will be gratefully considered.



Advanced graphical flight planning, vector mapping and automatic GNSS analysis for glider pilots
TaskNAV is compatible with IGC conformant .IGC files, Garmin .TRK files and the obsolete logger format .DAT files ...
XC Profi, Cambridge, Colibri, EW, DSX, Filser, Garmins, IMI. Easy Matchbox, Peschges, GR1000, Volkslogger, Posigraph, Scheffel, Zander
Manufacturer codes: ACT, CAI, DSX, EWA, FLA, FIL, GAR, GCS, IMI, LXN, NTE, PES, PRT, SCH, SDI, ZAN, igc, gnss

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