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07 April 2014                 Minor text changes and cleanup.


21 February 2014         TN web site   'Home' and 'Downloads' pages simplified

The TN web site home page and Downloads pages have been simplified to reflect the software's Freeware status, and also, the optimisation of the TN package for use by UK users.   This means that the TN author will endeavour to keep the UK waypoints and airspace up-to-date, on a best efforts basis, as time permits.

However, where the relevant TaskNAV maps exist  (see MAPS  page),  TN can be used for other countries but users will have to apply current Waypoint and Airspace file updates as they see fit.   John Leibacher's web site:  The Soaring TP Exchange is an excellent source and can supply updates for most countries, excluding maps which are available only from the TN web site MAPS  page, or as supplied, built into the full TN install package.





 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =   2013    ( below)    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

26 July 2013        BGA Waypoints update (UK.TPT) and SUA Airspace update (UK.AIR)

* BGA Waypoints file UK.TPT:
The 2013 UK.tpt waypoints file is the TaskNAV format source file produced by Jeff Goodenough's 'TPSelect' program from the BGA master file for 2013.  The UK.tpt file has been further edited and refined by the TN author to improve the readability of some of the abbreviated TP names and descriptions.  The UK.TPT file 2013 is the recommended UK TP file for the TN freeware edition and should be installed asap.

* SUA Airspace file UK.AIR:
The SUA file update is based on the  'WPLTAS250713.txt' update by Pete Desmond:   content w.e.f.  25 July 2013.   The file has several mods to make it compatible with the TaskNAV airspace colour schemes:
* Gliding Sites added (copied from Rory oConor's sua file v.2012c) and defined as TYPE=GSEC.SITE
* Military zones defined as TYPE=MATZ
* GA Civil and unlicenced zones defined as TYPE=ATZ
* Many instances of TYPE=OTHER redefined as TYPE=GSEC

The new TaskNAV air file (v2013c) and waypoints are packaged as an automatic Windows style 'setup.exe' to avoid install problems on Windows 7 and 8.

22 July 2013      
UK SUA airspace file (UK.AIR) effective 25/7/13, is available for download
The TN Freeware  airspace file (UK.AIR) is available for download and install using a standard '...setup.exe' Windows install package which should eliminate any install problems with Windows 7 and 8.   The content is based on the WinPilot file 'WPLTAS250713.txt' by Pete Desmond.  The file has several mods to make it compatible with the TaskNAV airspace colour schemes:
* Gliding Sites added (copied from Rory oConor's sua file v.2012c) and defined as TYPE=GSEC.SITE
* Military zones defined as TYPE=MATZ
* GA Civil and unlicenced zones defined as TYPE=ATZ
* Many instances of TYPE=OTHER redefined as TYPE=GSEC

18 November 2012    
New TaskNAV TN2011 freeware - 'mini-patch' file .. v4.2.582
the original text for this update was uploaded here on 15 November. It was edited on 18 November to reflect several minor improvements to the test version (v4.2.580).  The current download is the 'customer' version .. v4.2.582

Changes in v4.2.582:
Added automatic TN update (notify) feature.   Works in 'Quiet' and 'User' modes.  
Quiet mode: 
At boot time, if a network connection exists, TN will automatically check if an update is available that applies to the user's current TN installation.  If available, an advisory note: 'An update is available ..'  will be posted to the TN main window (home screen) - bottom left.  TN then continues with the boot process.  
User mode:
Any update action is always at the user's discretion i.e., click to ask TN to proceed with a notified update, or click to check update availability if a network connection was not available at boot time but has become available during a TN session.
The update also fixes several minor bugs, including a finish time GNSS fix issue when the analysis conditions are:  IGC file fix interval = 1 second; the Finish Line type is a 'Finish Ring'; there are several crossings of the Finish Ring boundary

03 November 2012
       New TaskNAV TN2011 freeware - 'mini-patch' file .. v4.2.570
This TN update fixes several minor bugs, and also fixes some issues which occur when loading 'buggy' WinPilot 'IGC' files.  

28 October 2012  
        TaskNAV is Windows 8 PRO 32 bit compatible..
TaskNAV is compatible with Windows 8 PRO, 32 bit.  Tested OK, 26 October, on an average performance PC using the Windows 8 desktop (Windows7 style), mouse-driven user interface (UI).  

TaskNAV is still an XP optimised application;  it runs on Windows 8 in the same way that it runs on Windows7 and Vista - i.e. in "administrator mode".   And as on previous Windows7 and Vista versions, the user must set the W8/TN .. "run in administrator mode" option after performing a full instal of TaskNAV on Windows 8.  

Re the new Windows 8 'modern UI' elements for Microsoft touch-screen computers, tablets and Windows smart 'phones: 
On a wide screen desktop PC, IMO, the new W8 'modern UI' is simply a huge nuisance, a productivity buster and some might say.. a mess.   Fortunately, TaskNAV doesn't need the Windows 8 'modern UI', or use it or interact with it in any way.  TaskNAV runs using the W8 desktop UI - just as if it were running on Windows7. 

Re Microsoft 'Surface' tablet computers:
As of today, there are two versions of Microsoft's 'Surface' tablet computer:

Question: If TN runs OK on a Windows 8 PC, will it also run on a Windows 8 'Surface' tablet from Microsoft? 
Answer:   Apparently yes ... though your TN author is no expert on this - he's long since retired - but so far as he knows...

1.   The 'Surface PRO' model which uses Intel x86 architecture (initially a core i5 processor?); apparently this model is designed to appeal to MS business users.  It runs Windows 8 'modern UI' Apps and 'legacy' Windows desktop applications.  IMO, the TN author would describe this 'Surface' gadget as..  powerful laptop PC hardware re-engineered with the latest touch screen and thin keyboard technologies and repackaged in the latest 'tablet' hardware style, running Windows 8 PRO?  

As TaskNAV is a 'legacy' windows desktop application, it should run OK on the 'Surface PRO' tablet though your TN author will have to test this and confirm; he may also have to tweak some elements of the current TN UI to cope with the tablet's relatively small screen size. 

.   The 'Surface RT' model uses the ARM microprocessor architecture;  it is designed to appeal to 'consumers' and to compete with Apple's iPAD.  It runs an embedded copy of Windows 8 called Windows RT (aka 'runtime') and has embedded copies of MS Office applications.  The 'Surface RT' user can obtain new Apps only by download from the online Microsoft Apps store.  You can't install your own copy of Windows or your own private Apps nor can you run 'legacy' Windows programs such as TaskNAV.

If you'd like to see TN run on the Windows 8 'Surface' tablet, or have any comments .. please contact:  

30 September 2012
        Maps updated

Morocco, Italy and Japan - maps updated.   Bug fix:  makes map files compatible with TN Freeware.  Download the individual Country map-install files from the Free Maps page.

22 May 2012            
New 'mini-Patch' file .. program update:   v4.2.553

1.   You should download and apply this update to your current TN installation so as to get the current airspace, waypoints and other data changes, plus the most up-to-date bug fixes.

2.   Re Notams import/display:  the v4.2.553 update provides (for the UK only) a Notam airspace layer - display function - which enables the import of Notam files from the 'SPINE' program, at the user's discretion.  
Check the 'Files' menu in the 'Map' window for the 'Import' menu item.  After Import, Notams display is switchable, ON/OFF in the general airspace settings.  
Notams info is deemed to be temporary and is flushed when TaskNAV is shut down.  Re-import - if required - at the next TaskNAV boot or at the user's discretion.   TN Help files will be updated as soon as time permits. To use this facility, you also need to be a user of Jeff Goodenough's 'SPINE' program:

3.   The v4.2.553 update applies the 2012C UK airspace changes from Rory o'Conor and also the 2012 UK BGA Waypoints from Ian Strachan.

4.  This update contains some new fixes and all previous function and fix updates.....

9 May 2012              
Bug fix...

Added refresh of UK colour palettes to the current 2012 Waypoints and Airspace install file as the previous install file contained a missed remnant of some test code which may have renamed the UK and England (map) palette files and made the palettes invisible to TN causing default palettes to be used. (not so pretty!)  Sorry!

28 April 2012            UK  2012C Airspace and 2012 Waypoints 

Installer download file contains UK 2012C Airspace update from Rory o'Conor, modified (by DJR) for improved display control of Glidng Sectors and ATZs.   Tested on TaskNAV freeware  (current release:  TN2011 v4.2.530).  Also installs the UK 2012 waypoints file from Ian Strachan.   Download the TPs & SUA install file from the 'New' section of the home page .. or the downloads page.

05 January, 2012         
Uploaded an updated version of the TN 'Freeware' Install Notes
       TaskNAV 2011 Freeware - Install Notes.pdf                ..............    ( 5 January, 2012      ..use "Save Target As...")

06 December, 2011     
UK Airspace update  v.2011B
Rory o'Conor's latest UK SUA file is now available for download and use with TN20011 freeware.  Content has been refined (TYPE statement for ATZs, Gliding Sectors, Sites and Competition Sectors) for improved integration with TaskNAV airspace controls.

08 October, 2011     TaskNAV 2011  is now 100%  FREEWARE - available to all.
1.   Why?  The TN author has reached an advanced age and is now receiving various indications that he must 'wind down', i.e. retire.  From time-to-time, he will still be able to maintain the software, but only on a hobby basis.
Software support via e-mail will still be available though it may occasionally take a bit longer to get a reply, and from time-to-time, the TN programs will still be updated  " time permits"
3.   In the TN2011 freeware, there are no activation code checks nor any requirement to register as a user.  It's available to all.
4.   And to all of the existing users - many thanks indeed.  Your support for the various DOS and Windows versions of TN has kept the show on the road since the original DOS release in 1993.
5.   Meanwhile, TN2011 continues as 'freeware'.  All users of older versions should update now to TN2011 to remove the need for activation code management as well as getting up-to-date with the current version.
6.   All remaining references to TN software licences in the TN literature and on the TN web site should be ignored. Such references will be removed as soon as time permits
7.   Have fun!   Any questions, please contact: 

Note:  Activation Codes are not required for freeware  TN2011, but are still inecessary if you run the TN2008 base file without first of all applying the latest TN2011 update file to the 2008 base file.   For new installations, install the TN2008 base CD edition (but don't run it), then install the TN2011 update.   If you follow the latest TN2011/freeware Install Notes,  you won't be asked for or need an activation code.

* On Vista and Windows7, remember to select the (essential) Windows/TN compatibility mode setting:  
"Run in Administrator Mode"

* If you are looking for faster (Vista or Windows7) display performance, the Vista/Windows7 'Basic' theme is said to be somewhat faster than the 'Aero' theme. 

* the TN Help file is still at the TN2008 level and many of the embedded screen-shots need to be updated, but the basic texts are mostly still OK.   The Help update is a WIP.


17 August, 2011     ACTIVATION CODES  no longer necessary - TN2011 and later editions only.

1.   Activation Codes are not required for TN2011, but are still inecessary if you run the TN2008 base file which is (temporarily) still part of a complete TN2011 install.   Don't run the TN2008 base CD edition.   Just install it and then install the TN2011 update.   If you follow the latest TN2011 Install Notes,  you won't be asked for or need an activation code.

2.   The 
TN2011  v4.2.530  "" fix release and update fil
e is now available for download.  It fixes several recent problems including:
* IGC display bug when using FAI 'Infinite' sectors on relatively short tasks, (leg length < 30km)
* display of the barometric altitude 'trace' from an IGC file where the GNSS position and altitude data is mainly or completely absent. 
* EW Task Exports: launch failure fixed and setup/export of 'Intended Flight date' - new method

07 August, 2011
    New edition (3) of EW-D  task Export Notes (PDF), now available for download

30 July, 2011      FIX RELEASE & UPDATE: 
The  TN2011  v4.2.528  "" file, fix release and update is now available for download. 

This latest update fixes several recent problems including:
* display of the barometric altitude 'trace' from an IGC file where the GNSS position and altitude data is mainly or completely absent. 
* EW Task Exports: launch failure fixed and C rec flight date initialisation - new method


* All previous fixes, features and refinements
* UK 2011 waypoints with name texts and descriptions refined for use iwth TN2011
* UK 2011a SUA  (from Rory o'Conor), refined for use with TN2011 software airspace controls

* BGA 2011 waypoint rules now allow for 3 and 4 character waypoint codes.   TN2011 supports this requirement (TN2008 doesn't) though, so far as we know, the competitions committee have not yet approved the use of 4 character waypoint codes in BGA contests, consequently, the BGA coordinator has not (so far as we know) issued any points with 4 character codes.
* Support for the new MOP (IGC TLC), and reworked support for RPM and EON TLCs in IGC files
* Embedded EW download software now included as a single option, version 1019A. (replaces options: 0330A and 0523X)
* re-organisation of toolbars in map window;  ability to display barograms from map-window and to start 'in-program' e-mail session for feedback (XP only).
* More powerful task search facility with extended search options to exclude all unwanted points from the search.
* Cycle through zoomed-up Startline, TP ObsZones and Finishline in flight analysis display, by tapping the keyboard spacebar.
* Almost every setting in the software that it's useful to save across sessions, is now saved.
* Screen capture formats now include: .jpg, .bmp and .gif
* and more ...

14 July, 2011     
NEW!   FIX RELEASE & UPDATE:   The  TN2011  v4.2.515  "" fix release and update file is now available for download. 
It fixes various problems including:
* display of barometric data from an IGC file with broken GNSS position and altitude records
* EW Task Exports:  launch failure fixed and C rec flight date initialisation corrected.

The patch file applies to all install
ed TN2011  and to all existing TN2008 installs including any new installs of the TN2008 CD Edition (140MB)  or  TN2008 CE Edition downloads

July, 2011         NEW!   FIX RELEASE & UPDATE:   The  TN2011  v4.2.511  "" fix release and update file is now available for download  -  9 July, 2011.     It applies to all installed TN2011  and to all existing TN2008 installs including any new installs of the TN2008 CD Edition (140MB) or TN2008 CE Edition downloads.

03 July, 2011       
The  TaskNAV  TN2011  Install Notes...PDF doc replaced with new edition dated: July 3rd 2011


18 May, 2011      
 The  TaskNAV  TN2011  "" update file is now available for download. 
                                           It applies to all installed   TN2008


27 April 2011       
 UK Waypoints and UK Airspace for 2011 are now available in a standard ..Setup.exe installer.  See Home page and the 'Miscellaneous' section of the Downloads page.   The file also contains updated colour palettes for the England and Wales and UK map views.  The old palette files are backed up using the extension ".pal.white"

07 March 2011     
3D Viewer updated v1.9y installer now available.

New, updated install package for the 3D Viewer v1.9y  (openGL_IGCexplorer ); packaged in a TaskNAV compatible CE Compact Edition;  the software date from Austria author's web site is 20 Jan 2011.  After install, invoke the 3D openGL_IGCexplorer v1.9y from your existing TN 3D icon in the TN map window. **

February 2011
          The TN Twitter account is no more..
The TN Twitter account has been de-activated.  It all seemed a bit too 'teenage' though in theory, it seems a good way to notify all subscribing users when updates are available.  Perhaps we'll try again in the summer.

22 January 2011   
TaskNAV and  Twitter
Future TaskNAV web site updates will be notified here and on Twitter.  In theory, you can opt to 'Follow' the TaskNAV Twitter page and thus get notice of any TN web site change - as it happens - eliminating the need for regular site checks.  I hope it works.  (All Twitter advice welcome).

22 January 2011     ISP Server switch; TN web site complete reload.
With apologies for any loss of service.  Most links have been checked and seem to be OK.  Please advise if you find broken link(s)

TN2008  Install Notes.PDF
   replaced by edition 7/1/2011.

10 August 2010    Documents revised for TN v4.2.313 and later releases

*   TN2008  Install Notes.PDF   11 August, 2010  and  
*   TN2008  EW Model D Task/Declaration Exports.PDF
  13 June, 2010 ...
Documents updated and now available on the downloads page

22 July 2010
      Tn2008 mini-patch file v4.2.313  now available
Contains fix for "Non-parsable file" message when running on XP.

21 May 2010       Tn2008 mini-patch file v4.2.306  now available

Contains various refinements:  
* TaskNAV task exports can be sent into a connected EW model D logger (with thanks to Ed Davies for his work on modifying the 'EW Windows Uploader©' to work with the TaskNAV export function.
* BGA 2010 contest rules for 90/20km and 180/10km contest sectors.
* UK 2010 waypoints
* UK 2010a SUA with Bath Gap etc 
* anti-flicker refinements for map screen updates
* support for 'COTS'  QSTAR loggers

* and more ...

02 May 2010     TN2008 UK Waypoints 2010 - definitive version now available - formatted for TN2008 by the TN author..

2010 UK Waypoints Installer now available.  This waypoints file version has the best available text refinements and abbreviations for TP names and descriptions where the original BGA texts exceed the available TN2008 TP file column widths.   Every TaskNAV 2008 user should install this version whether or not the 2010 TPs have already been installed from another source.   Guaranteed, this edition is the best available.

03 February 2010     Tn2008 v4.2.290   '" file and the Tn2008 CE Compact Edition updated ..
The Tn2008 update "" file v4.2.290 and the TN2008 CE Compact Edition downloads have been replaced by the
new v4.2.290 release.   The update includes: 
  • BGA contest rules, August 6 2009 edition, applied to TN2008 as appropriate: e.g. 180 degree sectors; mixed sector types, finish line alignment, etc
  • plus .. Rory o'Conor's latest SUA update .. UK  v.2010A (aka 2009B)  
  • and various functional refinements and bug fixes including fixes for a mousewheel scroll problem in the MS mouse driver.. and fixes for several issues with interpolation when using the 'measure' toolwindow on 'virtual' ie, interpolated fix points.
  • The update includes all refinements and fixes from previous updates, so no need to install back-dated patches if you are not up-to-date (the previous update was v.4.2.253).
  • As always, please apply this update asap.   Please take a backup of the TNWIN-V2 folder before doing the install.

06 January 2010         OGIE 3D Viewer (freeware) update v1.7.
The existing v1.5 version (2007) is replaced by v1.7 created 22/4/2009 and packaged for TN use 6 January 2010 - now available from the downloads page.

16 November 2009
     Windows 7 - 64 bit compatibility
Windows 7 64 bit:  TaskNAV 2008 compatibility confirmed.  Many thanks to Sally W. for the tests and feedback.

18 August 2009           TN2008 Install instructions replaced
TN2008 install notes replaced with updated PDF doc - dated 18 August 2009 - to reflect the latest "" file level v.4.2.253

15 August 2009              NEW:  '" file TN2008 v4.2.253

Refinements and Bug fixes:

  • 'Measure' ToolWindow failed to 'float', ie, remain on display in front of all other windows.  This was a bug introduced by me when making TN2008 mods. Sorry!  Now restored to previous 'float' behaviour.
  • Task Analysis: Start Line crossing detection has been enhanced to better handle late, unintended and unwanted crossings that occur, often during airfield circuits or in local soaring following completion of a task.
  • Triadis .DLL: the embedded LogMaster .DLL for downloading the Triadis logger was omitted in error in the previous v4.2.246 patch file.  Sorry! It's included in this update.
  • Cambridge 25 - and possibly other legacy Cambridge models:  duplicate 'B' position records are sometimes created at the end of IGC files when the logger is downloaded using the Cambridge CAIUtil.exe utility.  The duplicate records cause recoverable 'Overflow error 6' messages in TN2008.  TN now checks for duplicate 'B' records at IGC file load time and marks any duplicate as "V" = invalid. This stops all error messages.
  • Missing Fixes:  where the glider has already landed, any fix gaps that appear in the logfile post landing are no longer reported by (redundant) 'Missing Fix' messages.
  • ENL noise spike graphics that occur on map displays after the detected landing time are now suppressed.  
  • www.Multimap.. access bug (URL format changed) and includes several other fixes plus refinements.  As always, please apply the update asap.  Includes UK 2009 SUA and UK 2009 Waypoints plus G7ToWin A.00.201 (for Garmins) in LogMaster

11 August 2009      TN2008 Install instructions replaced
TN2008 install notes replaced with updated PDF doc - dated 11 August 2009 - to reflect the latest "" file level v.4.2.246

5 August 2009       
NEW:  '" file TN2008 v4.2.246 ..     Fixes www.Multimap.. access bug (URL format changed) and includes several other fixes plus refinements.   As always, please apply the update asap.  Includes UK 2009 SUA and UK 2009 Waypoints plus the "Triadis" logger DLL and G7ToWin A.00.201 (for Garmins) in LogMaster

28 May 2009            TN2008 runs on Windows 7  RC1 (aka Windows Azure?)
The next version of Windows, i.e. 'Windows7' is currently available to 'techies' and system software enthusiasts in a 'near final release form' described by Microsoft as 'Release Candidate 1', ie, RC1.   It's a mega size download and at this stage is generally of interest only to IT professionals and software support specialists.
Meanwhile, Sally W. has test run TaskNAV 2008 on the Windows7 RC1, and apart from a missing Windows file which she was able to replace, confirms that TN2008 runs OK on the new Windows.  The TaskNAV author has also test run TN2008 on Windows 7 and got more or less the same result as Sally.

At this stage, the main issue is the traditional new Windows problem of missing and/or incompatible drivers for both peripheral devices and motherboard chipsets, so results may vary from machine to machine.  Nevertheless, from a TaskNAV perspective, it's reasonable to assume that when the customer version of Windows7 is finally available - later this year - TaskNAV will run OK in much the same way as it does now on Windows Vista.

Many thanks to Sally for her proactive and enterprising work on this which will be of interest to many TN users.

28 May 2009             TN2008 Install instructions replaced
TN2008 install notes replaced with updated PDF doc dated 28 may 2009

28 May 2009                 Ocana waypoints and airspace
The Ocana British Overseas Nationals 2009 waypoints list (at 21 may) seems to be the same as the 2008 list, however, the Ocana Airspace status is unknown .. the only file available on the ESC site refers to 2008 and is in Winpilot 'OpenAir' format ... most likely, it's the same as the TNP format SUA file used in 2008

06 April 2009            NEW:  '" file TN2008 v4.2.225 for bug fix..   "20" was missing from 'YYYY' year field in date column of "My GPS Log Files" window - bug affects date display (in the grid column) only for year 2009 IGC files, where 'YYYY' displays as '09' rather than '2009', hence igc files SORT in Date sequence was incorrect.  Thanks to Sally W. for the bug report.

23 March 2009             TaskNAV 2008 CE Compact Edition download v4.2.220-B
TaskNAV 2008 CE Compact Edition download v4.2.218 replaced with ... CE Compact Edition download v4.2.220-B

23 March 2009             Replaced UK TP set 2009 and "" v4.2.220 downloads with '..B' versions
Replaced the 2009 waypoints download with 2009.B version due to text edit errors in the re-formatted TN version of the file.
Added the 2009.B waypoints file to the current "" file contents.  The "" download has been re-named as v4.2.220-B.   No change to other content.

21 March 2009          UK Waypoints for 2009 - from the BGA TP coordinator - formatted and available now for TN2008.  
If you have already acquired a copy via another formatter, nevertheless, pls overwrite it using the TN2008 automatic install setup.exe ...

09 March 2009          UK SUA - v.2009A national airspace file from Rory o'Conor and the TN2008 v4.2.220  '' file, both items combined in a single download install file.    Includes UK v2009A airspace update plus amendments to the TN program to provide additional program control over the airspace file display.   Please apply the update asap.   Also includes the latest G7ToWin A.00.201 for Garmins in LogMaster.

24 February 2009     Hawii Oahu island: vector map added to free maps page.
Supplied mainly for 3D demo flights; a 30m higher resolution Landsat image is also provided with the 3D openGL_IGCexplorer

24 February 2009     Tn2008 'mini-patch' file v4.2.218 provides update and fixes for all TN2008 users.
Includes latest G7ToWin v.A.00.201 in LogMaster.   The Tn2008 CE Compact Edition has also been replaced by the v4.2.218 version.
We're still not able to replace the current Tn2008 CD Edition download due to an ISP upload size restriction, but the CD Edition can be easily updated after download and install by applying the latest level 'mini-patch' file, after the CD Edition install.

22 February 2009     Sorry! Several broken map-download links now repaired on the 'Free Maps' page

21 February 2009       Replaced South Africa map download on the free maps page - 10 TP sets and map palette file changes:
SA map install - added new or replaced existing TP sets for Bitterwasser, Bloemfontein, Drakensberg, Tswalu and Welkom using TP data from the John Leibacher TP exchange website.   Site configuration files added for Tswalu, Welkom and Drakensberg.  Map colour palette files harmonised.     Also Bloemfontein, Drakensberg, Gariep, Goldfields, Orient, Mafikeng and Worcester.

17 February 2009     TN2008 v4.2.216 "CE Compact Edition" download file replaced

16 February 2009      TN2008 v4.2.216  'mini-patch' download file replaced
Applies to all existing TN2008 CD and CE editions including v4.2.215
Fix notes:  the patch file includes all previous fixes and refinements. The new fixes are mainly 3D viewer demo file setup changes; a TN boot time UTC default value correction, and an updated HELP file.  The v4.2.216 patch file also includes the recent v4.2.215 fixes - see item for 06 February below.

The update will bring any existing TN2008 installation up to the current release level, i.e. v4.2.2

06 February 2009
TN2008 v4.2.215  'mini-patch' download file replaced
Applies to all existing TN2008 CD and CE editions including v4.2.207.  There are no functional changes to TN. The main TN mods are corrections to minor typos in various windows, menus and tabstrips.   However, if you are using the 3DViewer, the update has a fix for an error in the 'TN 3D Control panel' terrain file selection method which applies when an IGC file is loaded for 3D view with a saved terrain file choice that is not the same as the terrain-filename in the current OGIE configuration-file. This can cause a 3D viewer launch failure - without error message.    Install notes PDF updated to 6 February 2009

04 January 2009       TN2008  Install & compatibility Notes for Windows Vista (in PDF format) added to downloads page


31 December 2008    South African Nationals - WELKOM Airfield .. TPs, SUA and Config - auto-install
Auto-install setup.exe download available from the home page - installs 'South Africa Welkom' map entry containing nationals TPs, SUA, map colours .pal file and the Welkom WinCFG file.

1 December 2008       Announcing the traditional Winter Season deal
Until Jan 31st 2009, the full TN2008 package is available for only £30

9 October 2008               v4.2.207   TN2008 CE edition uploaded

26 September 2008
     v4.2.207   TN2008   "" file update
For all existing Tn2008:   changes barograms legend for increased clarity on A4/A5/A6 printouts. Contains all previous refinements and fixes.

16 September 2008    v4.2.206  TaskNAV 2008 
CE compact edition download now available   

16 September 2008     v4.2.206   TN2008 bug fix   "" file - now available
Fixes an error in the Task Library index following a tasks list display by category, eg 28%.  Task details display correctly in the msgbox but there's no map display following a click on the (confirm) OK button.

10 September 2008    v4.2.205  TaskNAV 2008 
CE compact edition download now available

10 September 2008     v4.2.205   TN2008 bug fix   "" file - now available
Fixes possible errors in a Task Library index following a task delete.

6 September 2008
        v4.2.202   TN2008  bug fix  "" file  - now available
Fixes possible format errors when using the A4 Task Report "informal" headers option.

An  A4 Task printouts header bug is fixed by the TN v4.2.202  "" file  (~3MB) - now available from the downloads page.    Unfortunately, although TN2008 was released for a user trial period, some small bugs got through the trial to the production level TN release.  Sorry!
The bug may scramble 'informal headers' on A4 graphic task reports.  It occurs only when the original screen map is using 4:3 aspect ratio pixel settings such as 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, etc.    If you are using wide screen settings such as 1440 x 900, 1680 x 1050, and so on, the A4 task printout headers are OK.  The fix applies to all existing TN2008 installations, and also to new installations until the main install files on the downloads page are updated to v4.2.202.  I hope to upload the updated CD and CE edition downloads asap.

19 August 2008       
v4.1.200  TaskNAV 2008  CD and CE compact edition downloads now available

  • Windows Vista compatibility:
    Always run TN in "Vista Administrator mode".   It's easy and it's almost always required!  Please check the simple setup procedure in the  TN and Vista - compatibility newsletter    Most of TN runs on Vista without this setup, but some TN functions (special windows 'API' calls) may not, and you may or may not get a warning or error message. Potential problems can be avoided by selecting for TN2008 (tnwin.exe), the "run as administrator" option - provided by Microsoft for this purpose.
  • All TN2007 downloads replaced by  v4.1.200  TN2008 equivalents
    • The TN2008 downloads are available in CD full size and CE compact editions from the downloads page
    • the CD edition download includes all available World vector mapping
    • the CE Compact Edition has UK and Ireland mapping only. Additional maps, are available as downloads from the 'Free Maps' page, at the user's discretion
    • The 3D viewer CE edition has not changed; the 2007 build includes terrain coverage for UK, Spain and the Western Europe in terrain file W020N90.dem.  The WORLD.dem terrain file is too large for downloading (~2GB expanded and ~400MB zipped); it is available free on CD at £8 for p&p, or it can be created - on a DIY basis - using the 'createworld.exe' program and free GTOPO30 terrain file downloads from USGS websites
  • Upgrades - all upgrades (not update) to TN2008 from any previous version TN2003/5/7, use either:
    • TN2008  CE Compact Edition, download (~23MB) available below, or ..
    • TN2008 CD edition full size download (~140MB) which provides both upgrade and a 100% TN replacement.
    • TN2005 and 2007 upgrades are free.  Tn2003 and older versions can upgrade for a small fee - please check the price list
  • Updates for current TN2008 installations  ..  by mini-Patch File - auto install - only ~3MB
    Contains refinements and all fixes for existing TN2008 installations only, up to and including v4.1.196

27 May 2008              UK SUA airspace file v.2008A with the v.2008B update
The 2008 SUA airspace as compiled by Rory O'Conor, is now available - corrected for use with TN2007 - on the downloads page miscellaneous section, packaged as "UK.Air" in a quick install file (standard Windows setup.exe - no zips).  
TYPE=GSEC TRA Mil Wave Areas above FL195 are set off, i.e. to INCLUDE=NO, and similarly are TYPE=GSEC Gliding Competition Sectors.  Both can be switched ON by manual text edit.  

The forthcoming TN2008 v3.3.500 release will come with a Release 2 version of the TN "UK.Air" file which will allow the new TN version to control the display of Gliding Competition Sectors - ON/OFF - from TN software rather than by primitive text edits.

24 May 2008             
BGA Waypoints file for year 2008 updated
Includes approximately 30 new waypoints and two amended points.   The new waypoint file install package (small) is now available as a standard Windows setup.exe for TN2007 users - from the 'miscellaneous' section of the downloads page.     TN2005 users can upgrade to TN2007 free of charge;  TN2003 and older versions can upgrade to TN2007 for a small fee - see price list.

27 March 2008          
BGA Waypoints file for year 2008 now available in TN format..
*  The UK TP set 2008 edition is now available as a quick install file (standard Windows setup.exe) for TN2007 users from the 'miscellaneous' section of the downloads page.     TN2005 users can upgrade to TN2007 free of charge;  TN2003 and older versions can upgrade to TN2007 for a small fee - see price list.

* The UK digital map download on the 'free maps' page has also been updated to include the UK 2008 TP set, otherwise the UK digital map fileset is unchanged. 

10 December 2007
     Tn2007 - Winter Newsletter published
The Tn2007 winter newsletter can be viewed here.    It contains TaskNAV / Windows Vista compatibility fixes, and it also reminds all users of back level TN software - including Tn2005 - of their Tn2007 upgrade options which are free to most users.  

The letter was published on 9 December but as most TN users are infrequent visitors to the web site, the newsletter - the first for several years - is also being mailed direct to all who have registered for TN activation codes since January 2005.  



22 February 2009     REDUNDANT  NEWS ENTRIES   2003 - 2007    REMOVED ... 



Advanced graphical flight planning, vector mapping and automatic GNSS analysis for glider pilots
TaskNAV is compatible with IGC conformant .IGC files, Garmin .TRK files and the obsolete logger format .DAT files ...
XC Profi, Cambridge, Colibri, EW, DSX, Filser, Garmins, IMI. Easy Matchbox, Peschges, GR1000, Volkslogger, Posigraph, Scheffel, Zander
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