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TP database RASTER MAP scans and PHOTOGRAPHS

The TN TP database can be extended with TP-linked raster map scans and TP photographs.  This feature has been available in TN from the first release of TaskNAV version 1 in 1998.  The examples below are screen captures at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution in .PNG format and may take a short time to load, but to see the potential, it is well worth the wait.

Copyright and licencing issues make this a facility that you have to manage yourself.  You may wish to scan all of your TP photos and make map scans for the entries in your favourite TP files, or a club may decide to scan the club's photo and maps collection into the TN system.

Turnpoint database code references and the scanned TP map images are automatically linked provided you follow a simple naming procedure for the scans.  Scanning precision is not required. Anyone can do this with a cheap flatbed scanner and only basic scanning skills. 

When the scan data is loaded to TN, flight planning enters a new dimension as you can now instantly view map and photo images for selected TPs, or for the task TPs, by a right mouse-click to get the map window popup-menu.  If they exist, scans are retrieved automatically for the selected TP(s) - no browsing required.   However, a general "Picture Explorer" facility is also provided so the entire picture library can be previewed in horizontal or vertical tiled screen mode, e.g. examples 1 and 2 below, or by Map or Photo category in groups of 12 per screen.  

Example 3 shows the display if you call up a photograph (or map) of a task TP during flight planning - it's a single mouse click operation.


Screen shot "thumbnail" pictures ... to view the original high quality pictures , click on the images below ...

1.    Browsing  P-AIGUINES, M-AIGUINES, P-AUXERRE-BRANCHES and M-AUXERRE-BRANCHES,  examples of possible extensions to the French TP database for TP Aiguines and TP Auxerre-Branches


2.    Browsing P-AMOU and M-AMOU, examples of possible extensions to French TP database for TP Amou.

 TPMapPhoto2.png (638503 bytes)

3    Flight Planning example:  you select a TP on the map while performing graphic flight planning and you decide to checkout the TP photograph which is automatically linked with the screen graphic TP dot and available with a single mouse click.  Magic !!

 TpPhoto3.png (569679 bytes)

5.    Browsing the TP photographs collection

TpPhotoBrowser.png (1095091 bytes)

4.    Browsing the TP maps collection

 TpMapBrowser.png (1139077 bytes)





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