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TaskNAV Tn2011  ..(freeware)
is a (freeware) MS Windows program for glider pilots, developed using MS VB6 Professional, and optimised for Windows XP. It is compatible with and runs on Windows Vista and 32 + 64 bit editions of Windows 7.   

The TaskNAV for Windows95 prototype was first used in the 1990's for the WGC 1997 at St Auban.   Since that time, several new versions have been released including, Tn2000, TN2000 v2.2(for WGC 2001 South Africa), Tn2003, Tn2005, Tn2007 and Tn2008.

An MS-DOS based TaskNAV product for PCs and Macs (with PC emulator) existed from 1993 - 1996.  It was withdrawn from marketing in early 1997.

TaskNAV is tested only on Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows7 but runs successfully on Macs when using a Windows emulator 

Please note
There are unofficial (French and Swedish) TaskNAV websites with ancient and low quality TN screen shots, usually accompanied by out-of-date and/or incorrect factual information. We can't control these people.  
Please be aware that the sole official web site is:

TaskNAV Tn2011 - features

  • Advanced flight planning and GPS analysis for glider pilots.  Graphical flight planning on good quality topographical vector mapping (free), using freeware TaskNAV software
  • A World Championships solution.  TaskNAV has a distinguished Championships record: it was selected as the official contest software for 14 World Championship level contests, i.e. the championships plus rehearsal events, including the gliding element of the World Air Games, at Toledo, Spain. It has also been used for national and regional contests, too numerous to mention.  But nowadays, it is recommended only for private glider pilots and Gliding Club general use. 
  • Quality Topographic full colour vector mapping - Digital Chart of the World sourced - free downloads giving world-wide gliding coverage
  • Excellent single flight 2D and 3D animation (3D courtesy Dr Hannes Krueger) with instrument panel subsets on some screens
  • Advanced Multiple Flights Replay (aka 'maggot racing') with slick ease of use facilities, a variety of track bug options and instrument groups for the status of the race winning gliders.   Its the best 'maggot racing' software that we've seen.
  • Powerful task search facilities will find that elusive task in the direction you want and within the search criteria provided by you.   A brilliant use of computing that saves you vast amounts of time compared to using manual 'string' methods in the gliding club map room.
  • LogMaster IGC download convenience:  the TN LogMaster program offers a common GPS logfile download and settings facility for most IGC loggers and some of the COTS (off the shelf) loggers - such as the Garmin family.   Generally, this works very well on XP, Vista and Windows7.
  • TaskNAV contains support for FAI SC3 competition requirements with particular emphasis on AAT - Assigned Area Tasks.     TN  is suitable for both private pilot FAI badge and pleasure flying, and also the analysis of competition tasks though we no longer support its use in the management of major contest events.
    • FAI 'Racing Task' and BGA 'Fixed Course' tasks - aka, the old favourite closed circuit speed task
      • Up to 9 turn points plus optional remote start and remote finish points
    • AAT Assigned Areas with easy to use task setting and automatic GPS analysis
      • Up to 9 areas, circle or sector in any combination
    • PST/TDT  .. Legacy tasks ..  Pilot Selected Speed Task and Time Distance Task (using TPs)
      • up to 16 turn points.  The current FAI rule allows a maximum of 10
    • Multiple Start Points
      • up to 16 Start Points in groups of two for any Assigned Areas task
  • Single WayPoint Start lines

    Radius, length and bearings as required are set at the discretion of the user
    • Semi-circle
    • BGA semi-circle
    • FAI Infinite sector
    • Cylinder with Observation Zone Correction rule - if required - at the user's discretion.
    • Start Ring
    • French FFVV rules large radius cylinder
    • ARC radiused back from TP1
    • LINE of user specified length and bearing
    • LINE perpendicular to and centred on the departure track
    • Takeoff time
  • Turn Point Obs Zones
    • FAI Quadrant (90°sector)
    • FAI Quadrant plus Circle sometimes known as a "thistle" shape
    • Cylinder with Observation Zone Correction rule - if required - at the user's discretion.
    • Assigned Areas Sector
    • Assigned Areas Circle (Cylinder)
    • BGA 180° (semi-circle) zone 
    • BGA mixed zone types in one task 
  • Finish lines

    Radius, length and bearings as required are set at the discretion of the user
    • FAI Quadrant
    • Cylinder with Observation Zone Correction rule - if required - at the user's discretion.
    • Finish Ring with altitude limits
    • French FFVV rules large radius cylinder
    • LINE of user specified length and bearing
    • LINE perpendicular to and centred on the departure track
    • Landing Time
  • Automatic GPS logfile analysis has automatic MoP/Engine detection for all IGC engine/MoP recording methods including the Cambridge low value Engine Noise Level and 302 model standard ENL,  Filser/Colibri/PrintTechnik and SDI ENL(999),  Peschges ON/OFF ("Y" / "N") method,  EW engine ON/OFF "events" and Zander ENL/vibration recording
  • Competition task controls
    • Missing fix detection with user option to ignore gaps or to allocate a GNSS OL
    • Start Line Open time
    • StartLine Close time
    • Finish Line Close time
    • Flight termination at sunset (GNSS OL)
    • Start "region" limited altitude/safety zone;  user set altitude limit and time period 
    • Start Altitude limit
    • Task Altitude limit
    • Line time interpolation - to nearest 1 sec for Start and Finish times analysis
    • Automatic GNSS outlandings
    • Automatic Engine/Mop detection as a GNSS outlanding
    • UTC time offset to reflect local times in analysis, displays and reports
    • Garmin non-IGC loggers are supported by native .TRK files or by using Ron Henderson's most recent edition of the excellent G7ToWin© program to produce Gramin 'IGC' format files. The G7ToWin program is freeware, and for the convenience of TN + Garmin users, it is built into the TN LogMaster©  download management program

  • Quality Printed reports 
    TaskNAV provides both text and high resolution graphic printouts for the complete range of flight planning and GPS analysis options ...

Further Information: 
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Advanced graphical flight planning, vector mapping and automatic GNSS analysis for glider pilots
TaskNAV is compatible with IGC conformant .IGC files, Garmin .TRK files and the obsolete logger format .DAT files ...
XC Profi, Cambridge, Colibri, EW, DSX, Filser, Garmins, IMI. Easy Matchbox, Peschges, GR1000, Volkslogger, Posigraph, Scheffel, Zander
Manufacturer codes: ACT, CAI, DSX, EWA, FLA, FIL, GAR, GCS, IMI, LXN, NTE, PES, PRT, SCH, SDI, ZAN, igc, gnss

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