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Typical Assigned Areas Analysis report - PDF file

      Typical Assigned Areas Analysis Report. pdf    

How efficient is your cross country flying?   How long do you spend circling in sink? 
Print these Cross Country Analyser examples (Thermal/Cruise climb analysis) ...  or, to download, right click on the link and select menu item "Save Target As..."

     Gill Spreckley 500km World Record - climb/cruise statistics.pdf 
     South Africa WGC2001 - day winner - climb/cruise statistics.pdf

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Pictures 7 and 8 contain Spanish map content which demonstrates the excellent quality of the topographical vector mapping. 
A numbered description of each picture is included below. immediately after the "thumbnails" gallery.

The enlarged pictures are best viewed at 1024 x 768 XGA screen resolution.  A monitor running at 800 x 600 will display the images OK, however, full screens captured at 1024 x 768 will require horizontal and vertical scrolling to view the complete image.


1. Multiple Flights Replay

2. "GPS Files" table

3. 3D_openGLIGCexplorer  

4. Map selector dialogue

5. Route TP's analysis


6. Mini-Analysis    

7. Map instruments 1

8. Map instruments 2

9. 13km UK height rec

10. Barogram & Panel

11. Task Generator

12. 300km + alt bars

13. "LogMaster II ©








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