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History:   TaskNAV Windows software was first used at the World Championships in 1997 at St Auban.   In 2001, TaskNAV was used in four different World level contests including the World Air Games at Lillo, Spain, and the World Championships 2001 at Mafikeng, South Africa.  In fact, including the 1996 pre-world LavenderGlide contest, and other World Class events and pre-Worlds, TaskNAV software was selected as the official contest Task setting and GNSS analysis software for fourteen? World Championships level events.  

The latest version is suitable for all gliding purposes from private pleasure flying to advanced contest flight planning and GNSS analysis, but nowadays, it is recommended for private glider pilot use and Gliding Club general use.   It is no longer supported for use in contetsts.

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Advanced graphical flight planning, vector mapping and automatic GNSS analysis for glider pilots
TaskNAV is compatible with IGC conformant .IGC files, Garmin .TRK files and the obsolete logger format .DAT files ...
XC Profi, Cambridge, Colibri, EW, DSX, Filser, Garmins, IMI. Easy Matchbox, Peschges, GR1000, Volkslogger, Posigraph, Scheffel, Zander
Manufacturer codes: ACT, CAI, DSX, EWA, FLA, FIL, GAR, GCS, IMI, LXN, NTE, PES, PRT, SCH, SDI, ZAN, igc, gnss

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