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TaskNAV (freeware) is a Flight Planning, GNSS Flight Analysis and Vector Mapping System for Glider Pilots





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TaskNAV (freeware)  v4.2.582 
TaskNAV Flight Planning & GNSS IGC analysis software is available free to all glider pilots.  However, please note that the 'Freeware' edition is optimised for use in the UK.

This reflects the software's freeware status and means that the TN author (who is retired) will endeavour to keep the UK waypoints and airspace files up-to-date. 

Where other TaskNAV mapping exists  (see free MAPS  page),  TaskNAV Freeware can be used for other countries but users will have to apply Waypoint and Airspace file updates - for those countries - as they see fit.  

Note:  John Leibacher's web site - 'The Soaring TP Exchange' - has free waypoint and airspace updates for most countries, and TaskNAV vector maps for other countries are available from the TN web site MAPS  page.  If you install the full TN install package, all available maps for the UK and other countries are installed automatically.

Get TaskNAV free software downloads and install notes from the   DOWNLOADS    page. 

Have fun!

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This is not an area where the TN author has anything other than basic web publishing experience.  Any and all offers of web site development advice, expertise, help, etc, will be gratefully considered.



Advanced graphical flight planning, vector mapping and automatic GNSS analysis for glider pilots
TaskNAV is compatible with IGC conformant .IGC files, Garmin .TRK files and the obsolete logger format .DAT files ...
XC Profi, Cambridge, Colibri, EW, DSX, Filser, Garmins, IMI. Easy Matchbox, Peschges, GR1000, Volkslogger, Posigraph, Scheffel, Zander
Manufacturer codes: ACT, CAI, DSX, EWA, FLA, FIL, GAR, GCS, IMI, LXN, NTE, PES, PRT, SCH, SDI, ZAN, igc, gnss

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